George Zaiter- Australia

"Your brand and company have put smiles on my family and friends faces."

Amer Itani – Dubai

"Very innovative and eye catching"

Iman Saad

"The colors of the bag are very well coordinated and classy. The type of fabric and material used is top notch. I have no problem carrying it on my travels or to a business meeting. It's multi-functional and of the highest standards.Thank you for creating this concept. Lebanon and Lebanese around the world need an idea as such, to promote our identity and our love to our country. Its simplicity transcends time."

Georges Nassar

"First let me start by expressing how proud you guys are making the lebanese community feel. This is an amazing initiative !.You really make all of us proud."

Malak Fakih

"10452 Watch is a piece of art"

DJessy Saba

"Waw! Love the idea Proud to have such products"

Tima Rida Al Hayat Newspaper

"I have a disease called Lebanon"

Michaella Elie Michael

"I wish u all the best and what u r doing is just great and was my dream since I was young"

Joseph El Kayyal

"I've been invited by Wissame Shamass, and if it won't go political this would be great!"

Edmond Saab

"دائما رائعة. مع التحيات والقبﻻت"