Andre Sassine

"فكرة ممتازة واعدة"

Dania Issawi Canada

"So Stylish I wear it with everything So Proudly, Thank you"

Dania Issawi Canada

"Thank you so much for such quick service! I What a gorgeous piece! I know every Lebanese will want one!"

Dr Jawad Awkal Lebanon

"I got one, Amazing Watch, accurate, attractive, I advice, buy one"

Janet Nahas Australia

"It’s been a few weeks since I left Lebanon. Starting to miss and reminisce"

Gass Kodsy

"Mrs and Mr Poivre on behalf of every Lebanese we`re proud of the 10452 brand that you have created , we`d love to share your link on Liban mon amour , to shed light on an exceptional success story and the profound love and pride that you hold towards your lebanese roots"

No Garlic No Onions

"Got myself a nice looking watch, a local brand swiss made called 10452, the watch is one of 10452dna items with a cedar tree planted in your name."

Leila Hajjar

"Great Job, Great People"

Joumana Timani Haidar

"انشالله عطول بتضلا ارزة لبنان عم تنتشر وين ما كان بوجود ناس متلكن آمنوا بلبنان مزدهر ولامع اسموا وين ما كان برافوووووو"

Mohammed Elhaj

"Sara7a Ahla business bshufo be lebnene, ana I hope steer akbar international Lebanese brand"